'Refugees Welcome' Statue of Liberty Banner: See Photos & Learn About the Activists Involved

October 18th 2019 2:22AM
In 2017, the Statue of Liberty went viral when a group of activists secretly hung a “Refugees Welcome Here” sign on the Statute of Liberty. One of those...

Graphic Sex Tape Allegedly Of Pastor David E. Wilson Cheating On His Wife Has Twitter Torn

October 17th 2019 11:45PM
SEE ALSO: Black Bailiff Goes Viral For Stroking Amber Guyger's Hair Following Guilty Verdict ... Here are alleged photos of Pastor David E. Wilson:.

This Pic Will Never Get Viral Wonder Wombman Too Positive This Will Never Be Viral They Don't ...

October 17th 2019 11:18PM
This pic will never get viral. Wonder Wombman Too positive This will never be viral, they don't use Facebook from Reddit tagged as Facebook Meme.