Viral: Παντρεύτηκαν και πήγαν να ψηφίσουν με το νυφικό και το γαμπριάτικο

May 26th 2019 10:15PM
Η Δήμητρα και ο Κώστας ανέβηκαν τα σκαλιά της εκκλησίας το πρωί της Κυριακής στο Φαραί της Αχαΐας και μετά πήγαν στις κάλπες για να ασκήσουν...

Woman jumps into canal with son after pic with ex-lover goes viral

May 26th 2019 7:26PM
A 30-year-old woman jumped into a canal with her five-year-old son in Khatauli town of Uttar Pradesh's Muzaffarnagar district after a picture of her with...

Doing homework pic

May 25th 2019 4:03PM
Feb 20, 2019. penned a hilarious, and now viral, note for his teacher, detailing his excuse for not doing his homework.